Hometown Hospitality Heroes: Roy & Juanita Culverson

Once a quarter, our staff selects a member of the Fort Smith community to be named a Hometown Hospitality Hero.

Fort Smith and our region benefit tremendously from conventions and events brought to our area. Attracting and retaining these happenings relies on the efforts of everyone in the hospitality industry. Often, Fort Smith attracts these conventions, events, and tournaments after individual local citizens decide they’d like their group’s event to be held in Fort Smith and take the initiative to bring a potential event to our Convention & Visitors Bureau’s attention. We work with these citizens to win the bid, attract attendees and help their idea come to life. The citizens that our staff feels have brought the most positive exposure and economic impact to our city we name Hometown Hospitality Heroes. We appreciate these people and all of those who help us bring more visitors to Fort Smith more than we can say!

Roy & Juanita Culverson Southern Bowling Congress Fort Smith Hometown Hospitality Heroes

Juanita and Roy Culverson, Fort Smith residents and organizers of the Southern Bowling Congress’ 75th Annual Handicap Tournament, to be held in Fort Smith March 10 through April 1, 2012.

Our newest Hometown Hospitality Heroes are Fort Smith residents Roy and Juanita Culverson. The Culversons are responsible for bringing the Southern Bowling Congress (SBC) 75th Annual Handicap Tournament to Fort Smith beginning on Saturday March 10, 2012 and continuing every weekend in March through April 1, 2012. Registrations are coming in for between 400-500 teams, most of whom will have their families in attendance– a total of more than 3,500 guests to our city over the four weekends. Teams hail from Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, Oklahoma, Tennessee and Texas.

Southern Bowling Congress logo

Roy Culverson has been a part of the SBC tournaments for the past 25 years and has served as a board member for the past six years. He also serves as the 2012 tournament Director with his wife, Juanita, assisting him. Juanita has participated in the Southern Bowling Congress since Roy became a board member in 2006. They helped to bring the Southern Bowling Congress to Fort Smith in 2006 when Roy served as the Director with two co-managers. Juanita did all the administrative work for that event and organized the volunteers who provided countless hours of combined effort to make the 2006 tournament a huge success.

The primary sponsoring organization for this event is the Fort Smith USBC Bowling Association, a non-profit organization whose mission is:  “In the sport of tenpin bowling in our community, we are committed to providing, developing and extending the enjoyment of the sport of bowling while meeting the needs of all members.”

Midland BowlBecause of the magnitude and attention to detail necessary to organize and stage this year’s event, over the course of the month hundreds of people will volunteer their time to make this event a success. Most of these volunteers will monitor the bowling lanes and help with registration. The tournament will take place at Fort Smith’s 72-land Bowling World and the 32-lane Midland Family Bowl.

Jim Olienyk and Stan Gebbie are also volunteers for the Southern Bowling Congress. Their volunteer mission is to put on a golf tournament for Southern Bowling Congress attendees on Friday, March 30, 2012.

The economic impact of this event is huge! Based on national averages for a City the size of Fort Smith, each guest should spend approximately $271.00 per trip. We anticipate a direct economic impact of almost a million dollars. Many experts say the effect of a new dollar spent in the market “rolls over” three times, which would create a total economic effect on our community of more than 2.8 million dollars. We appreciate Roy and Juanita Culverson, the Fort Smith USBC Bowling Association, and the Southern Bowling Congress.

Thank you for choosing Fort Smith, Arkansas!



One thought on “Hometown Hospitality Heroes: Roy & Juanita Culverson

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  1. Thank you so very much, Juanita and Roy !!
    Good thinking and action !
    We in Fort Smith are most grateful for what you have
    caused to happen, we are grateful !

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