Hometown Hospitality Hero—Lee Dewey

Initially, the tournaments started with 15 teams, but over the course of 20 years that number has not just grown...it has EXPLODED!


Fort Smith: Top 10 True Western Towns of 2017!

"While some communities see their histories fade away, we continue to celebrate ours with the same pioneer spirit of days gone by..."

20+ Things To Do In Fort Smith During Christmas Break!

The Creekmore Holiday Express, Holiday Escape Rooms, Wine & Painting, LIVE Music and more! Experience Fort Smith, Arkansas!

Prissy Buchanan: 2016 Hometown Hospitality Hero

A Fort Smith local, Prissy is the Administrative Advisor of the Arkansas Bandmasters Association. She has played a major role in helping Fort Smith remain one of the only two locations where the organization’s annual convention is held. The event brings more than 600 attendees and roughly 100 exhibitors to Fort Smith over a period of four days.

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