The STARRS of Miss Laura’s

Preserving and promoting Fort Smith's vibrant past is no easy feat. In fact, we [Fort Smith CVB] would say that it is, at its core, a community effort. And at Miss Laura's Visitor Center — home to Fort Smith CVB — that effort has been supported by some of the community's most passionate tourism &... Continue Reading →

FALL for Fort Smith Fashion!

Fort Smith’s local boutiques are stocked and ready for fall, and its central location and close proximity to other large cities like Tulsa, Dallas, Branson, Little Rock, Memphis, and Oklahoma City make it the perfect destination for a day or weekend shopping trip.

Peacemaker Fest & The Gun That Won The West!

This July 31-Aug 2, the inaugural Peacemaker Fest hopes to, "bring a diverse cultural, musical, and art experience to Downtown Fort Smith, Arkansas." Judging by the talent lineup consisting of country, blues, rock, gospel, and bluegrass acts, we think it is safe to assume that the festival is definitely going to achieve that goal. In addition to that, the festival will highlight local... Continue Reading →

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